Ways for you to book a playing time and court . . . 

In person or by phone . . .


Contact the front desk and let them know when you would like to schedule a match.  They will check the current schedule and availability of the court/time you requested.  If available, the court will be reserved for you and your playing partner(s).  If the court/time is not available they will be glad to book you another time of your choosing.


Using the on-line method . . .


Once you have registered for online access, you can select the 'Online Booking' option from the menu.  

When the 'Online Booking' page is displayed -


               - click the LOGIN option

               - sign in and wait for the court availability page to be displayed

               - click on the desired playing date (courts can only be reserved within seven days                  from current date)

               - select the date/time of your reservation and click the 'Submit' button


Once submitted, your court will be reserved


Please refer to the FAQ section for additonal instructions and restrictions

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